Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Movie Review

Rodney has turned me into an avid movie watcher, so I thought I would share our most recent movies. Let me preface this by saying that I love me a happy ending. Y' isn't always rainbows and when I go to the theater, I don't want to be reminded of the the yucky stuff in life. I want to leave feeling happy. :) (Ignorance is bliss, right??)

Celeste & Jesse Forever is depressing. They really cleaned it up nicely at the end, and I was semi-pleased with the ending. The trip to theater wasn't a total waste of time, but this would have been better as a rental. Plus, it's just weird to me seeing Andy Sandberg doing anything serious.

I'm probably one of the last known females to watch The Vow, but I finally watched it recently. And balled my eyes out. I am not a movie cryer. Jack sank to the depths of the water in Titanic and I didn't bat an eye, but this movie just tore me up. Thankfully, it has a happy ending though! :) The book is on my reading list, and I can't wait to compare the movie to the book.

I've been reading Janet Evonovich recently, so of course I had to watch One for the Money! It was cute, but nothing special. It was pretty true to the book, so it was nice getting a visual for the book I had just read.

If you haven't watched Bernie yet, do so immediately! It's kinda quirky, but I thought it was great. Plus, it's a true story that is hard to believe actually happened! I thought this article really did a good job of telling about the real life version.

Premium Rush is action packed and an overall good movie. This one was well suited for the big screen in the theater with all the bike stunts. And there are some seriously cute Asians in the movie..we all know how much I love me an Asian!!

What movies suggestions or disses do you have?

I'm outta here to submit all my entries for The Daily Tay's blog giveaway! Hope I win! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hail Dear Ole Husband

I'm not one of those wives that gets married and "adopts" my husbands sports team (I'll save this rant for another day). Even if his team was a team that had an awesome winning program or was a team that is not a rival to my school, I'm still an Ole Miss fan. I went to school there. That is where my loyalties lie. I am a huge Rodney fan though. If I only get to be around him for a couple of days a week, I am of course going to go wherever he is...even if it happens to be a MS State game. I'm not very pleased with the athletic program at MS State at the moment. They have taken away my two favorite aspects of the football game.  

Eye candy Manny Diaz and Bryan hotdogs. They are both gone and I'm not happy about it. Manny has been gone for a while now, and I used Bryan hotdogs to fill the void. Now, the hotdogs are gone, and I am left with nothing. Can someone make a call to the athletic department and get something done about this!

And for other weekend news--the hubs and I were on the kiss cam at the game. And, no, we didn't pull an Obama.