Sunday, March 31, 2013 eventful weekend!

Hello friends!
I busted my hiney at work last week so I could spend time with my family this weekend without having to come in to work on Saturday, and it was well worth it!
Friday night, we had our Easter program at church. We have been practicing multiple times a week, so a lot of work went into the production. My family drove up Friday afternoon and came to watch the choir. I was so proud of the finished product! I've really enjoyed getting to know all the choir folk.
 Whitney was so sweet and came to see me and Mary Margaret sing!

  I've missed my sister!

Saturday, the girls went to watch Million Dollar Quartet at the Orpheum. Oh my goodness....if you ever get the opportunity to watch this show, do it!! It was sooo good! It was especially cool to me since Sun Studios is right down the road from the place we were watching the show.

This is my sister's vine video. I was obviously completely oblivious to what she was actually doing. 

April got her picture with "Johnny Cash" as we were leaving! He did such an awesome job playing Johnny!

After the show, we went to eat an early dinner at the Majestic. It was delish!

Since we had gone to an afternoon showing, there was still plenty of time left to do something Saturday night. Unfortunately, the family had to leave. Rodney and I rented Chasing Mavericks from redbox. It got terrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but we both really liked it! 

Sunday morning, it was time to celebrate Easter. We were kind of sad not to be with any family on Easter, but I'm thankful for such a great church family to celebrate our risen Lord! Easter is such a wonderful reminder that our God's not dead!

And to round out the weekend, I cooked dinner Sunday night. This is how you improvise when you realize you don't have toothpicks. Kabob sticks work just fine! I also didn't know I don't have a mallet/meat tenderizer, so I had to flatten the chicken with the bottom of a pan. I will be adding a mallet to my shopping list in the near future. Mine turned out looking nothing like her's, but looks don't matter. As long as the tummy is happy. I made this recipe for Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese, and I will definitely be making it again. Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious! 
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Monday, March 25, 2013

What Weekend?

Another non-noteworthy weekend for the Epps household. I love how the weekends go by so fast...said no one ever.
I finally put out my Easter decor! I love having a few holiday items throughout the house to get ready for an upcoming special day.  
We watched For a Good Time Call, and it was hilarious. If you know the premise, then you know there was obviously some vulgar parts of the movie. I was super shocked to see no nudity at all though. Pleasantly surprised!
After my taste of sewing last weekend, it's taking all my willpower not to go buy a sewing machine. I think I'm addicted y'all. Somebody buy this girl a machine!
This is the week I finally get to see my family. It's been well over a month since I've seen them, so this week can't be over quick enough.
Sorry for the random factor...story of my life.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Isn't Easy Being Green

(1) Lots of green was worn this weekend.
(2) I sang karaoke for the first time.
(3) I sewed for the first time and am now addicted. Hopefully this tree skirt will be finished by Christmas. :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buyer Beware

Do you remember my post a few weeks ago about buying a new car? Well, that new car has been in the shop more than it's been in our driveway. 

This Ford Fusion hybrid drives like a dream. It's sooo smooth. It handles so well. It's super quiet with the hybrid setup. 

That's the extent of my bragging. There are probably more good aspects of the car, but the frustration that fills my mind clouds my ability to speak nicely about Ford at the moment. 

After driving the car for less than a week, the Ford Sync started acting a little funny. The backup camera would roll like an old time movie screen. If you changed the radio station, the car wouldn't react and actually change for about five minutes. The maps on the navigation wouldn't update. I obviously hadn't read the manual yet, so I thought it could be user error. A new car couldn't mess up right off the lot, right? 


We bought the car in a nearby city, so after driving the 30 minute drive to the dealership, they say it just needs an update. 

We sat in the dealership for a  couple of hours while they ran updates on software in the car. When we left the dealership, we literally didn't make it five minutes down the road before it started acting weird again, so we turned right back around. They decided something more had to be wrong with the car, so we were to bring it back again on Monday. 

After moving around our schedules to make a trip back to the dealership that Monday, we finally got the car back in the shop. After lots of hemming and hawing around, they finally realized from reading the internal Ford message board service that Ford had a company wide problem. After keeping our car on and off for several weeks, we finally have it back to drive now. Ford still hasn't come out with a new update that will totally fix the problem.  Once that update comes out, we'll have to take another trip to the dealership. 

You would think with all these problems that maybe some exceptional customer service would make up for all the headache we've experienced. The multiple times we've picked the car back up after it's been "looked at," it has come back with little to no gas. They did give us an apple though. Yes, a piece of fruit. Why thank you sir...just what I wanted. 

Sorry to be all Debbie Downer folks. Several of you asked me to let you know what we thought of the car because you are in the market for a new car as well. I feel obligated to share my experience so you are an aware consumer. The car is awesome. The technology needs some work though.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sephora by OPI GelShine Kit - At Home Shellac

I just feel so much more feminine when my nails are painted. There's nothing more girly than a good polish.

There's also nothing more gross looking than chipped polish. Either have it on or off...not halfway done. Ewww. (Please don't take offense to this..I've been guilty of this crime more than I can count.) 

I don't know if this is just due to my inabilities or what, but every time I paint my nails with normal polish, it only lasts about a day or two. All that time spent polishing awkwardly on my right hand, and all I get is a measly day or so? Not cool.

I also hate having to spend at least $30 for a shellac manicure, so for Christmas, I asked for the OPI Gelshine kit.

I read several reviews before I asked for this brand, but it was this one by For Smart Chicks that sold me. I had seen several negative reviews on other brands (mostly about the UV light), so I searched for a while to find something good. When I spend that much money (or ask someone else to spend the money), I expect the product to be good quality. 

This product does not disappoint. I'm seriously obsessed. I've used it two times so far, and I can't wait to try all the colors! 

"Opening Night" was my first color to try, and it lasted the full 2 weeks!

This is the color I'm wearing now, and this picture is after wearing the polish for over a week. Good as new, right?

These are all the other colors I've gotten. I'm ready for spring to try out the more fun colors on the left! I just realized when I went back to For Smart Chick's blog that you can buy gel polish for a LOT cheaper than the Sephora brand. I will definitely be doing that from now on!

Have you ever tried an at-home shellac? What do you think?

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watching the Weekend

Well hello strangers! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I came down with a stomach bug this week, so this past week was not a fun one. I've spent the majority of my weekend making up the work hours I missed while I was out sick. My weekend fun times were spent watching television or movies. I just can't do anything too involved when my brain is exhausted. Our weekend involved watching the following...

Friday night, we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's just hard watching Emma Watson play anything other than Hermione. I absolutely love her, but it's just so weird! Anyways, this movie was a little depressing to me. Rodney absolutely loved it, but I just thought it was so-so.
Oz The Great and Powerful was our Saturday night flick. I really liked it! Rodney wasn't as impressed, but that's to be expected. I would definitely recommend this movie!
 The theater had a yellow brick road! How cute!
 I've finally caught up on Scandal. I'm kind of sad that I'm caught up though because it's been nice to just be able to start a new episode immediately after finishing the episode before. Every single week has a cliffhanger, and it drives me crazy! Now that I have to wait a whole week in between episodes, my patience will be worn!
We started watching The Following. The episodes have been sitting on our DVR unwatched, so we thought it might be time to start on it. It's pretty graphic. This is definitely not a show for the weak stomached. Wow--I may be having nightmares tonight.
Finally, I'm super excited that Revenge comes back on tonight with a new episode! Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with all these shows lately? New Girl skipped a week or so. Nashville hasn't had a new episode in a few weeks. Revenge just skips a few Sundays. What is the deal people??
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quick Shenanigan-less Weekend Recap

1. I have an acceleration problem, and my efficiency tree never seems to grow. *sad*
2. Yummy dinner at Molly's in Midtown
3 I make homemade detergent so I can spend more money on clothing. You have to save in the small ways to spend in other areas, right?
4. In home shellac manicure--review coming soon!
 5. Tucker's new hiding place when he realizes we're leaving (ignore my super messy closet)

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