Monday, September 10, 2012

Hail Dear Ole Husband

I'm not one of those wives that gets married and "adopts" my husbands sports team (I'll save this rant for another day). Even if his team was a team that had an awesome winning program or was a team that is not a rival to my school, I'm still an Ole Miss fan. I went to school there. That is where my loyalties lie. I am a huge Rodney fan though. If I only get to be around him for a couple of days a week, I am of course going to go wherever he is...even if it happens to be a MS State game. I'm not very pleased with the athletic program at MS State at the moment. They have taken away my two favorite aspects of the football game.  

Eye candy Manny Diaz and Bryan hotdogs. They are both gone and I'm not happy about it. Manny has been gone for a while now, and I used Bryan hotdogs to fill the void. Now, the hotdogs are gone, and I am left with nothing. Can someone make a call to the athletic department and get something done about this!

And for other weekend news--the hubs and I were on the kiss cam at the game. And, no, we didn't pull an Obama.

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