Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watching the Weekend

Well hello strangers! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I came down with a stomach bug this week, so this past week was not a fun one. I've spent the majority of my weekend making up the work hours I missed while I was out sick. My weekend fun times were spent watching television or movies. I just can't do anything too involved when my brain is exhausted. Our weekend involved watching the following...

Friday night, we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's just hard watching Emma Watson play anything other than Hermione. I absolutely love her, but it's just so weird! Anyways, this movie was a little depressing to me. Rodney absolutely loved it, but I just thought it was so-so.
Oz The Great and Powerful was our Saturday night flick. I really liked it! Rodney wasn't as impressed, but that's to be expected. I would definitely recommend this movie!
 The theater had a yellow brick road! How cute!
 I've finally caught up on Scandal. I'm kind of sad that I'm caught up though because it's been nice to just be able to start a new episode immediately after finishing the episode before. Every single week has a cliffhanger, and it drives me crazy! Now that I have to wait a whole week in between episodes, my patience will be worn!
We started watching The Following. The episodes have been sitting on our DVR unwatched, so we thought it might be time to start on it. It's pretty graphic. This is definitely not a show for the weak stomached. Wow--I may be having nightmares tonight.
Finally, I'm super excited that Revenge comes back on tonight with a new episode! Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with all these shows lately? New Girl skipped a week or so. Nashville hasn't had a new episode in a few weeks. Revenge just skips a few Sundays. What is the deal people??
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Jodi said...

Sorry to hear you had the stomach bug. No bueno!

I want to see both of those movies. I never saw Harry Potter so Emma Watson is just Emma Watson to me. And Oz looks so good and fun. I hope I can get there to see it before it is on video!

I think Nashville just took 1 week off (this past week) but the week before I think I remember a new one?!

Sara {Social Sara} said...

I was wondering about you! So sorry you got sick! Glad you hear you are doing better now. Here's wishing you a great week!

Breenah said...

I hate it when shows skip random weeks! I know at least one week was for the Oscars, but I don't know what the other issues are.
I really want to watch Revenge ever since I found out Nick Weschler from Roswell was on it.

Anonymous said...

Revenge was really boring me this season, but it's finally picking up with its usual crazy antics.

I'm taking my kids to see the Oz movie this weekend.

Katie said...

I gave up on Revenge this season, but I really like The Following. My husband does NOT though. Lol

Ashley said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about...what's with all my shows missing weeks? Grrr....

I hope you're back to 100% now. The stomach bug is TERRIBLE!