Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monogram Obsessed

To say that I like monograms would be an understatement. I have my monogram plastered on my planner, cell phone cover, sunglasses, lower back tat. Ok just kidding. No lower back tat.

When I saw that the Nicole and Sara were hosting a monogram swap, I signed up immediately! 

I was paired with Maddie from The Whimsy One and y'all...she's such a sweetheart! Everyone loves getting goodies in the mail, but it's also awesome getting to make new friends!

Look at this adorable casserole tote she sent my way!


Now if only she could send some of her cooking skills my way too. Maddie has mad skills in the kitchen. I only have skills at the kitchen table when it comes to the eating portion. :)

Thanks again Maddie! I can't wait to take this beauty to the next gathering.



Sara {Social Sara} said...

Yay! Love your gift and love that you two are now friends! I hope you enjoyed your experience. We'll have to do it again sometime! Thanks for participating and for linking up! Cheers, friend! :)

Lauren said...

No back tat? I'm so sad. :)

Love that McCarty in the pic. I'm a monogram freak too!

JMc said...

haha, I stopped at monogram back tat like "whaaaat?". Couldn't picture you with that, lol. Really cute casserole tote!


What a great casserole cover! I'm pretty monogram obsessed too. Just can't get enough! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stacie xo