Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Attitude is Everything

While working temporarily in Austin, TX, I keep telling myself that things will go smoother if I refuse to have a bad attitude. I mean....I just really love my own bed though! Anyways, I'm a list person, so here's my list of reasons I've enjoyed being in Austin.

  • No commentary on my many reality shows
Rodney enjoys making fun of every show I watch. Granted, most of them deserve to be made fun of, but it's really hard to pay attention with the endless comments.

  •  Clean room at all times
Every day while I'm at work, the magic cleaning fairy comes and does the dishes, takes my dirty towels, takes out the trash, and makes my bed. Can someone please give her my home address?? And today, the fairy left me M&Ms and popcorn. She is too cool.
  • So much good food
I love love love to eat out at new restaurants. Unfortunately, Memphis is lacking in the "original" food establishment area. Austin is not. They are "Keeping it Weird" and supporting local business.  We have tried so many wonderful places, and I am still stuffed from our delish dinner from Moonshine tonight. Yum!
  • Starbucks every morning
When you have a coffee maker at home that makes delicious coffee, and you're home to use it, you don't really have an excuse to pay over $2 for a cup at Starbucks. But...when you're not at home and your hotel and office coffee tastes like muddy water, you get a pass.  (Starbucks boy totally knows our orders by heart now. Yeah, we want our usual.)

  • Alarm goes off when I set it and only when I set it
 I'm the type of person that likes to be able to sleep until the last possible moment I need to get up. If I know I need to wake up at 6:30, I set my alarm for that time and when it goes off, I'll get up immediately. Rodney is not this way at all. He likes to set multiple alarms. The first is just to get him semi-awake. The second will wake him up a little more. Hopefully by the third alarm, he actually gets out of bed. I've usually woken up at his first alarm and can't get back to sleep.

Although this is a positive post, I do miss my hubs, furry babies, and my bed! :) Happy for a long Labor Day weekend!!

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