Monday, May 13, 2013

It Ends Here.

There are all these people posting all these nice things about how their mom being the "best mom." Oops. Sorry. I already have the best mom, so the contest is over. 

That's my mom on the right and her sis on the left. She's like my second mom. :) 

We celebrated Mother's Day just like we celebrate anything eating!

This is my absolute favorite Italian place. I wish it were closer to us!

Bruschetta...making my mouth water just looking at this pic. 

In other noteworthy weekend events, I got to see one of my high school best friends and her new sweet baby boy.

Look at that head full of red hair! Precious!

I wish we were closer to these sweet friends too!

Rodney has a little work to do on his baby holding technique. :)
It's going to be a busy week for us. It's our first year being on a Memphis BBQ Fest team. I've never even been before! Are there any other Memphis area ladies going to be there this week? I need to stop eating immediately to save room for all the eating I'll be doing! I'm very excited!
Hope all you lovies have a fabulous week!
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JMc said...

I'm going this week! My fiance is on a team so I'll be down there Wednesday and Friday!

Rachel said...

Ha, I didn't write about my mom on my blog. I sort of felt like a bad blogger but I think she'd rather get a phone call anyway. :)