Sunday, July 28, 2013

Her Favorite Color Is....

Friday evening started out my weekend with a concert at Snowden Grove: Keith Anderson, Chris Young, and Hank Williams Jr. 

I had more fun people watching than anything else. HWJ draws a very unique crowd, so there wasn't a dull moment. 

Saturday, we had our first event as provisionals in Junior Auxiliary. Jump Back to School is where backpacks full of school supplies and tennis shoes are handed out to children in the area. There is food and games for the kids to play when they come to pick up their school things. I was helping with the bounce house, and I was about to have a panic attack thinking someone was going to break a bone. Thankfully, all went well. I'm going to have to learn to loosen up a little before we have kids of our own!

We went to eat with sweet friends Saturday night at Buckley's. You just can't beat their food for the price. It was as delicious as always. 
After, we went for dessert to La Michoacana. They have homemade popsicles which were amazing. I'm already thinking about when we can go back!
 In other news - since I've been a bad blogger (per the usual), here's what else is going on.

I finally upgraded to a phone that has Siri, and we're not getting along very well.

Apparently, she has a little trouble understanding my accent. 

SO....the reason I had to get a new phone is because I thought I could actually fix my cracked screen on my own. I bought a kit on amazon and followed the instructions on a youtube video. I got the screen on just fine, but then I couldn't get the phone back together. I thought everything was back together correctly, but I couldn't get the back cover shut. And I'm also amazed at how many microscopic screws are inside an iphone. that was a project that should have been left to a professional. Lesson learned.
Have a great week loves!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stock the Bar - Housewarming Party

I recently co-hosted a stock-the-bar themed housewarming party for a coworker.
As most of you know, I don't have a creative bone in my body. I'm a tax accountant. I work with numbers and sit in a cube all day. This lady doesn't know how to do parties, so I was pretty proud of the way everything turned out. 

But for real..what did we do before Pinterest? The ole Pinterest board was a major save!

Invites via Zazzle

Shout out to Amanda for the amazing pictures! It's shocking how well the pictures turn out when you actually know how to use the camera! :)
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Hills are Alive....

 Friday night, we went to the Orpheum to the Sound of Music sing-along! It was seriously so much fun! The guys weren't as impressed with it obviously, but they scored major husband points for tagging along.

I think I was more entertained from listening to all the musical talents (cough cough) in the room. Every time a bad guy came onto the screen, everyone started hissing which got pretty annoying after a while.

Saturday, we went to eat at Chiwawa for the second time recently. I just couldn't get those Juantons off my mind.

We had plans to go get sno cones at Jerry's after and didn't realize they close at 9 until it was about 8:40. We literally drove like crazy people to get there by 9.


 We were the last people in line, so we barely made it.

 Rodney is seriously incapable of keeping his eyes opened in pictures. He looks stoned.
Sunday, we went to watch World War Z. If you took my blood pressure during the movie, I'm pretty sure the levels would not be great. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and felt like I'd been put through the ringer after it was over. The end of the movie was super predictable, but overall, Rodney and I both really liked it!
Hope you all you a great weekend. :)
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sandy July 4th

The annual Epps' family Orange Beach trip was a little different this year. This is the first time it's actually rained, so we kind of had to improvise. Here is a photo dump from the trip. Thankfully we got at least 1 1/2 beach days.

red flag

so hazy and overcast

what a precious kite!



oh, we'll just wade to the car

Glad to be back home, but not glad to be back to work this week. :)
Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!
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