Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We're doing bios for a Sunday School directory at church. I just thought I would share our page since I really hadn't posted any kind of "about me" on here yet. Here ya go....

Rodney is a CPA who works as a state and local tax manager at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Rachel is also a CPA and works at CBIZ MHM Thompson Dunavant, a public accounting firm, preparing tax returns for individuals and companies.  

Rodney is a huge movie buff and owns over 600 blu rays and dvds. Rodney is also passionate about all things Mississippi State. Rachel enjoys reading, music, and watching reality television. We both love food and enjoy trying new restaurants.

We are both from Belmont, a very small town in Northeast MS. Rachel has 1 younger sister, Hannah, and Rodney has a younger sister, Priscilla, and a younger brother, Norman. We have one furry child, Tucker.

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