Monday, August 20, 2012

Well Hello!

So....I finally took the plunge and decided to start blogging! It has become a daily obsession of mine to check all the many blogs I've started following over the past year. I finally decided that I can do it too! :) There are so very many people that I love but am not able to keep up with like I used to. I want to make this blog a way to stay in touch so a friend is not left wondering..hey..whatever happened to that Rachel girl? And I also want to have this as a "scrapbook" of sorts. For all those pregnancy pushers out there, NO I'm not pregnant, but I still want a way to remember all the many things that go on in our crazy busy lives!

Total direction change here, but for those of you who enjoy reading and don't yet know about Goodreads, join immediately! I am always on the hunt for a new good read, and this website really helps with the hunt. You're able to view what your friends are reading and the ratings they give each book.

Click here to go to Goodreads!

Okay, I'm out--got to finish watching the oh-so-educational Bachelor Pad!

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