Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shopping Rant

I went to a Christmas open house today with Mary Margaret and I'm reminded of some things that just really irk me while shopping. Allow me to share.

When I walk in a store and you ask me how I'm doing today, I realize that you're just being nice and really could care less how my life is at the moment. Even though that's the case, at least have the decency to listen to my response. It's fairly obvious that you didn't take the time to listen because I asked how you were doing. And there was no reply. Just don't even bother asking me if you're not going to listen to the answer. 

When I walk into a store, it's very nice if you at least say "good morning" or "can I help you find anything today." If you're busy and don't have a minute to stop what you're doing, I understand. If you're just staring at your cell phone and obviously ignoring me, I don't understand. It makes it even more awkward when I come to look at the trinkets by the register where you're sitting and you still don't acknowledge me. Even though your store had lots of cute things, I prefer to give my money to people who at least act like they're glad to have me shop with them.

Rant over.

Have you entered this giveaway yet? You totally should because there is a ton of goodies involved!

I'm headed to Tampa tomorrow for work, and the weather is supposed to be amazing! I'm not looking forward to sitting in a classroom all day, but everything else (food, shopping, etc) is exciting! 



Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Especially those that look at you like you have poop on your face!!

Anne @ Unique Gifter said...

Thanks for the shout out :-)

Also - I agree on the store thing, especially when it comes to local shops where I live. I don't have to shop locally and if you're rude or treat your staff terribly, I'm going to elect to not give you my dollars!