Monday, January 21, 2013

Professional Skier Y'all!

Before you watch this video, allow me to leave a disclaimer. I have a very thick Southern accent, so be warned. :)

This shows you a little what our ski level is. I have a difficult time not laughing at Rodney's expense, so I thought you might want a laugh as well.

Our ski instructor couldn't get Rodney's name right. He kept calling him Ralph instead which I thought was hilarious. Rodney didn't think it was as funny. That's why I kept calling him Ralph in the video.

Hope this brings you a good chuckle as well. 

Helene in Between


Lauren said...

Girl! y'all are good! The first time I skied, I seriously almost died!

Mary Margaret said...

bahahaha! How fun! You sound like a cheerleading coach or something. Y'all seem to be doing ok!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Y'all are hilarious. And making me very jealous of your vacation!!

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I wish I was skiing! Yall have a great trip!!

Helene said...

oh this looks so fun!! haha y'all look like you're having a fabulous time!

Marilyn Radikopf said...

You all did good. Never been skiing. Too scared of it. Snowmobiling was more my speed. :)