Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Vox Box

I'm a new member of Influenster, and I'm excited to participate!

Basically, per their website, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly -- they just want to know what's up). 

1. Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal

I have seriously been wanting to try this for a while, but I hadn't heard anything about it. I hated to spend the money on it and it end up tasting awful. I usually eat oatmeal every morning, and the oatmeal I eat is pretty expensive. This would definitely be a cheaper alternative, so I was hoping for a good taste. It did not disappoint. It was delicious, so I will definitely be buying some more of this.

2. SoleSociety

This is a coupon for $25 off my purchase. I seriously don't need any shoes at all right now, and I'm already in trouble for all the clothing purchases I've made recently. I did browse around their website for a while and their shoes are beautiful! There are several classic pieces as well as some trendy. When I need shoes in the future, I will definitely check out SoleSociety! The shipping is free both ways (I hate paying for shipping). The prices are very reasonable too!  
This code can be used by anyone, so if you find something you like, use INFLUENSTER25 to get $25 off. It's only good through the end of this month.
If you would like to join, click here


I'm the type of girl that drinks coffee every night before bed, and I have no trouble falling right to sleep. The fact that I received no energy boost from this stuff isn't surprising. It tasted good though!

4. Goody Quikstyle Brush

 I have very thick and frizzy hair, and this brush totally did not work for blow drying my hair. The concept is really cool with the microfiber fabric pieces in the brush to cut your drying time down. When I'm trying to blow dry my hair straight, I have to have major tension to pull it straight. This brush won't allow you to shape the hair or anything. If you have stick straight hair or hair that doesn't require you to work with it to make it straight, I would assume this is the brush for you. This is definitely not the brush for me though. I made my sister try it too since she has pin straight hair. She said she didn't like it and really didn't notice a difference in drying time. Neither one of us are super great with fixing our hair, so it could be a user error and not the brush's problem. ha!

5. Kiss Nail Dress
I work in an accounting firm, and while this is a pretty print, it's probably a little wild for my conservative office. I've heard great things about these peel and stick nails though! I may try them when I'm off work for several days. :)

6. NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

My absolute favorite part of this lipgloss is the applicator. Most wands only allow a tiny bit of the gloss, but this wand is extra long. With only one swipe, you can coat your entire lip. It's obviously a neutral color, so it would look great over other lipsticks also. I'm only wearing the gloss by itself in the picture above.

Leave me a comment with your email address if you would like for me to send you an invite to join Influenster! 

 I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Zhanna Frid said...

What a great goody box!! Happy New Year!

Lauren said...

I joined the other night and I'm completely confused on how to do it! Send me some tips!

Anonymous said...

What a fun assortment of products to try! I keep hearing great things about Sole Society... free shipping both ways is definitely a plus. Have a great day!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

This looks like fun -I'd love an invite!

Lindsey said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

Katie said...

i got the box and loved all the things! especially the brush and lipgloss!

Helene said...

I was wondering about that brush- I am worried it will kinda stick in my tangles. but might be worth a try!

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...