Monday, April 29, 2013

Can Someone Hand Me A Towel?

I had such an eventful weekend, so I'm running on low fumes. 
We spent the day Friday in Oxford at an all day CPE (continuing education). When it was over Friday afternoon, we drove the hour back home, packed, and headed to Nashville. 
Rodney's sister & brother were both running in the Music City Marathon. We wanted to get there early enough to show our support. We got there super late and then got up super early to drive them to the race start. 
By the time they were dropped off, the police had started shutting down streets. We were having a very very difficult time getting to where we were going to watch the race. We had the address plugged into the gps, but it obviously wasn't taking into account all the blocked roads. 
I was getting a tad bit hangry. So was Rodney. So the fighting began. We just decided to give up and just go eat! (best solution to any problem--just go eat! unless your problem is that your pants are too tight) 
We have visited Nasvhille tons of time but have never been to Pancake Pantry, so we decided to go! It was pretty early in the morning, and the wait was only about 5 minutes. We got really lucky! I already want to go back again. I got the sugar & spice pancakes and Rodney got the Carribean pancakes. We both voted, and mine were definitely better than his! My mouth is watering just typing this!

After we finished eating, we realized that we were only a few blocks from where we were originally supposed to watch the race. Oh..did I mention it was pouring rain this whole time? We walked from Pancake Pantry to the race. Kris made signs for the runners. Ha!

They finished the race -- and everyone was drenched!

After a much needed nap and a change into dry clothes, we ate dinner at Sambuca.
Rodney & Priscilla went to the Jimmy Buffett concert after dinner. I can't stand to listen to more than one Buffett song at a time, so I was thrilled to be out of having to go. Thanks Cil! :)
 Photo: Jimmy Buffett and Mac Macanally!
I pray you all had a fabulous weekend and have a wonderful week!
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Courtney Kassner said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! And Pancake Pantry is so good! We've only been there once, but you've got me wanting to plan a weekend trip to Nashville!

Meghan said...

Those pancakes! They look delish!

Brenda Wilkerson said...

Pancake Pantry is awesome!

Lauren said...

Wow! Those pancakes...

Nashville! I've gotta go soon!