Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Scrooge

I'm not a fan of Halloween. I hate all things scary. Just watching the previews for scary movies gives me nightmares. Driving in our neighborhood scares me with all the spiders and such decorating every yard.

 Last year on Halloween, it took me over an hour to drive from the front entrance of my neighborhood to my house. ONE HOUR! There were multiple hayrides down the middle of the streets (people...hayrides are for fields and back roads. Not neighborhoods.)

I was so excited when I checked my email and had a new email from the HOA saying no unauthorized vehicles pulling hayrides through the streets are allowed. Policemen will be issuing citations. Then at the end it said....Trucks pulling trailers are okay. Ummm..no they're not.

In addition to the slow moving 4-wheelers and hayrides we experienced last year, there were kids everywhere. I don't understand the parents that allows their kids to run free at such a young age. I was so paranoid I was going to hit a kid. They were darting between cars with no adult in sight.

To make me seem even more Scroogy, I will not be handing candy out (again this year). You have to sit at the end of your driveway in our neighborhood if you want to hand out candy. It is way too cold out there!

Bah hum bug!

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