Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Get ready for shock and awe. 

I have taken two pins and combined them to create another pinworthy (if I do say so myself) holiday idea. 

Here's the backstory on my thought process.

I am awful at making pretty bows, so Christmas time is always kind of tricky. 

Everyone knows that at every dirty santa gathering, the items that are wrapped the prettiest are the first to be picked. 

I would never in a million years be the first kid in PE to get picked, so I at least want my gift to be picked first.

So how do I wrap pretty without a bow?

Then I remembered I had this pin:


I absolutely love this look, but I'm not about to pay for it.
This is a link to etsy, but I think I can do it myself for a lot cheaper. 

And then I remembered this pin:

Free printables! Why, thank you!

I bought some ribbon at Michael's. 

(Don't forget to download the app for additional coupons!) 

Then I bought some sticker paper at Target.

And then I made these...

yes, I need to vacuum

Tucker wanted in on the photo shoot

I can't wait to see what everyone else has created this week!

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Alisa Marie said...

Omg - I'm totally going to do this, I'm terrible at making bows too! Those gifts look amazing!

Lauren said...

love your pretty packages! Such a smart idea!

Andi said...

They look so good! I might have to steal this idea for my presents this year!

Marilyn Radikopf said...

Those are beautiful!

Pamela said...

Ohh, how pretty!! Love it!!

Catherine said...

WOW, I am very jealous of your skills! Also, your dog is adorable!

Stormy said...

Those are SO stinking adorable! Over from the linkup! :)


Quincee said...

Free printables are the best thing ever invented and I'm gonna need you to come to my house and wrap all my presents just like yours. So cute!

BriBrooke said...

Yes! I will be stealing this idea, ASAP!

Sarah said...

How cute are these?! And how do I not know about the wonder of sticker paper?!

Miranda said...

I'm so doing this! love the red!!

Esther Davison said...

Your wrapping is gorgeous! I love it! I can't wrap at all, including bows and boxes. My work always looks crappy. It's fun to tear into tho! Esther Norine Designs

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Awesome!! The paper is pretty fabulous too!!

kaitlyn. said...

I LOVE these!! I am printing them out right now. What a great idea!

Lauren said...

Absolutely LOVE this! Gift wrapping is one of my most favorite things about Christmas! :) Such a great idea! Your wrapping is so beautiful!

Newest follower from the link up!


Tiffany said...

Love this!! So cute! They look great.


Stephanie said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! These look like something you'd see in a Martha Stewart magazine!!! You go girl!

THank you for linking up with us!!

Helene said...

oh I love this!!! you are one talented woman!
and thanks for the mention :)!

Ashley Barnhill said...

Wow... love this! Much easier to stack gifts and transport them if they don't have a bow on them! Please come wrap my gifts?!

Rachel said...

Those really are gorgeously decorated presents! I've never thought about the strategy of wrapping the present in the prettiest way to make it get picked first!