Monday, December 24, 2012

Weekend Update -- Christmas Edition

We're home for the holidays and so excited to be spending time with family! Here's a recap of our weekend.

Friday -- Rodney was off all day, and I took a half day (hallelujah for no work until the new year!). We went to watch The Hobbit, and we both really enjoyed it. My favorite part of those movies is definitely the scenery. My goodness at how beautiful everything is! After the movie, we watched Magic Mike at the house. I know there was a ton of girls ooohing and ahhing over the movie, but I honestly thought it was pretty bad. The story line was weak and there was no resolution. I'm glad it was a Netflix and not one we bought.

Saturday -- We laid around the house all morning putting off our packing. When we finally loaded up the car and came home, we immediately met Rodney's parents and drove another hour to eat dinner and watch another movie. (Our hometown is not near much of anything, so you have to drive to eat or to the movie theater.) We watched The Guilt Trip, and we thought it was cute. My mother in law was hee hawing the whole time because she said she could relate to the actions of the mother. The highlight of the movie was definitely my father in law falling asleep and snoring in the theater. Too funny!

Sunday -- We drove a few hours to see my dad's mother in Birmingham, AL. 

Me and Hannah ended up be unplanned twins on our bottom halves.

And we also made silly Step-Brothereque pictures to entertain ourselves.

Can you tell that Rodney was a little tired?

After visiting my grandma, we ate lunch at Jim & Nick's. Yummm.

And finished up our trip with a fast mall run to the Summit.

I am so excited to be spending some quality time with the family as we celebrate the birth of Christ!

Hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas!!


Helene said...

What a fun time with the family!! I love the cat pic! Merry Christmas!

Jodi said...

That is too funny that your father in law fell asleep at the movies. I love the matching outfits! Ha! Guess you'll have to talk before getting dress from now on.

Laura Boswell said...

I am dying to see the Hobbit!! Love the loafers!!

Lauren said...

So fun! Love your outfit! :)

Merry Christmas!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love you're matching shoes. Those are way cute! And I agree about Magic Mike. I didn't like it. There was far too many naked girls for me haha. I thought this one was for the ladies!

Thanks for linking up!