Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random is My Middle Name

Business meeting first...there are a ton of giveaways going on right now two of which are going on here & here.  Check it out.

Business meeting adjourned.

Commence randomness.

1. Most people that annoy me on facebook are immediately deleted (as opposed to others that choose to post updates indirectly calling out others that get on their nerves), but sometimes my friends comment on statuses which bring said status to my newsfeed. Which allows me to read jewels like this..

There are some things that you just shouldn't post on the world wide web for all to see. Seriously..we really don't want to know about your tubes or your bleeding. If you wouldn't say it out loud in mixed company, don't post a status about it. Save it for a private message or your doctor's office. puhlease.

2. Why am I so addicted to reality television?

I guess I'm drawn in by the stupidity of some people.


And the lavish lifestyles of other.


It can also cause me to be thankful for the upbringing I've had. 

Jenelle and her mom speak to each other like dogs, and I can't imagine actually being a part of a family where that's normal.

3. I'm sooo proud of my sister!! She's survived another semester of college with ahhmazing grades.

4. Am I the only person that thought the latest Twilight movie was terrible? 
I only watched the movies because I had read the books. 
Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress.

The dialogue was awful.
The special effects were sub-par. We've all seen Transformers and know the capabilities of modern technology.
Glad it's all over now.

5. I have recently discovered how to use gifs and I'm pretty much obsessed. Please forgive me as I get them out of my system. 



Megan said...

People share way too much on social media! It's gotten crazy.

Reality TV is SO addicting. It's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

Kristen Stewart :p I went to see the first 2 Twilight movies (I'd read the books too) and I went because it was fun to go with friends, but I have just Redboxed the last ones. It's not worth the money to go to the movies to me.

Sarah Kil said...

Hahaha~~~ This was certainly a random post! Loved it! I don't like the awkward news feeds I get on fb either. Except I have never ever seen one on someone admitting getting their tubes tied. That one takes the cake!

SimplyCallMeSylvia said...

lol I can not NOT watch Janelle on Teen Mom 2. Like, I have no words besides that I just can't believe her life sometimes lol

kaitlyn. said...

That facebook post is so bad!! It made me laugh so hard but mainly because I couldn't believe someone would ACTUALLY post that!

Jamie said...

Just found you via the link up! I agree that some things should NOT be posted on facebook! haha and I agree about the last twilight movie! It was so cheesy it was like a comedy, and Kristen Stewart cannot act!

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Alyssa @ Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Advice said...

Hahaha I'm laughing at all your gifs. Love. Agreed about the TMI on facebook! Ugh who wants to know about all that?! I've unfriended so many people over that stuff. I refuse to watch Twilight and anything else with Kristen Stewart because I think she's such a brat and definitely a terrible actress!

TheTinyHeart said...

Found your blog from Shanna's link up. You name the reality show and I probably watch it, so I'm loving the gifs! I'm a new follower :)

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smk053078 said...

OMG!!! This post made me laugh and your gifs!!! LOVE them!! I can't believe that dumb A teen mom would rather go to jail than stop smoking weed!! Crazy!!! And some people need to just stay of FB...period. Thanks a million for linking up!!

That's What She Read said...

gah! I wish there was a quick way to defriend mass amounts of people on FB at one time, because I hate seeing stuff like that on my feed! I am so glad whenever I hear of a nother bad tv addict, makes me feel normal! :)